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Want to be part of a morally disciplined family?

Wondering how a university life will be like? You got the answer.

Welcome Home. Dominion university college (DUC) is the place we call home.

At DUC, the student’s campus life is the best among others. Programs are well structured to meet student’s desire and need. You have the choice as to which module to attend; be it weekend or regular. With Highly moral lecturers, you have nothing to fear about. Facilities are put in place just for the comfort of the students to achieve the excellent results they dearly needed. Thinking of where to do research? No worries! Our E- library is always a place to relax and do your research.

Talking about fun outside campus? Akwaaba and Our week long SRC week among others will take you out for fun

The Dominion University College Students Representative Council (DUC-SRC) is well equipped to handle the issues of fees, admission issues,recreations, accommodation concerns among others for the students making the student life on campus a unique one to experience.

The schools governing body has a little to interfere in the lives of students which makes life interesting. Having highly morally discipline faculties, your mistakes are made known to you through the SRC so as to equip you for the life journey ahead of you.

Looking to make friends? Choose from any country and you will meet a DUC student. From Africa to Europe, Asia …. Name them. This helps to create a network in and outside the school.

HOME SWEET HOME is another name for DUC!